Scientific and other articles and reports related to the OVRSol process Organic Value Recovery Solutions LLC Dr. Larry Newton and Dr. Craig Sheppard, two of the principals of OVRSol, (see: Personnel) are recognized experts in the production of insect meal using the Black Soldier Fly (Hermetia illucens). They have been involved in researching and studies of the insect for a combined total of over 70 years. Studies related to this insect have appeared in numerous scientific journals. A sample of the related studies/articles are presented. Animal Feed Antimicrobials Aquaculture Manure Management Other Reports Animal Feed The use of soldier fly prepupae as a replacement for blood plasma in phase 1 and 2 nursery diets. J.Animal Science 2003 A Brief Discussion of Food Safety Issues Associated with Production and Feeding of Black Soldier Fly Larvae to Food Animals. 2000. Forging a New Food Chain - Resource Magazine Article. 2000. Nutrient Content of Insects. An excellent scientific review however no data on Black Soldier Fly 2004 Antimicrobials Commercial production of anti-microbial products from the Black Soldier Fly. A discussion of some known antimicrobials in insects and some considerations for commercialization. 2010 Antimicrobial Peptides from Lower Animals. A good brief literature review of antimicrobial activity seen in insects. 2009. Hydrolytic biocatalysts isolated from intestinal microbiome in Black Soldier Fly larvae, Hermetia illucens (abstract Int. Conf. Ind. Apl. Microbiology. 2009) Reduction of Escherichia coli O157:H7 and Salmonella enterica Serovar Enteritidis in Chicken Manure by Larvae of the Black Soldier Fly Aquaculture The Future of Aquafeeds in 2013, Fishmeal Replacement with Black Soldier Fly Prepupae. A 2008 report for NOAA SOLDIER FLY PREPUPAE AS AN ALTERNATIVE FEED FOR CHANNEL CATFISH. 2009 World Aquaculture Sociiety abstract Soldier Fly Instead of Fish in Fish Feed. Article in Hatchery International 2010 Fish Offal Recycling by the Black Soldier Fly Produces a Foodstuff High in Omega-3 Fatty Acids. 2009, J. World Aquaculture Soc. Fly Prepupae as a Feedstuff for Rainbow Trout. 2007. J. World Aquaculture Society Black Soldier Fly Prepupae - A Compelling Alternative to Fish Meal and Fish Oil. 2007 Comment to NOAA Manure Management Insect Digestion of Manure. A 2001 review of previous studies giving consideration and results of using different insects especially house fly and Black Soldier Fly The Black Soldier Fly, Hermetia illucens, as a Manure Management / Resource Recovery Tool. Outlines some proposed systems, gives amino acids, minerals, compares fresh and digested swine manure. 2005. Symposium - State of the Science - Animal Manure Management, National Centre for Animal Waste Management. Technology Report - Black Soldier Fly (BSF). NCSU Agric. Econ. Dept. detailed environmental and economic evaluation of an early Soldier Fly swine manure digestion system. 2005. USING THE BLACK SOLDIER FLY, Hermetia illucens, AS A VALUE-ADDED TOOL FOR THE MANAGEMENT OF SWINE MANURE. A great report on early swine manure systems at NCSU, Raleigh, NC. Good pictures and diagrams, replicated catfish feeding trial, insect product and residue fully analzyed. .2005. Environmentally Sustainable Hog Barns. 2010 Biodiesel and Protein from Soldier Flies Exceeds Value of Biogas from Manure. 2005 Odor Control and Elimination by Using Black Soldier Fly to Digest Swine and Chicken Manure.2004 Other Reports Conversion of organic material by black soldier fly larvae: establishing optimal feeding rates. Journal of Waste Management and Research (Switzerland) 2009. © Organic Value Recovery Solutions 2010 © Organic Value Recovery Solutions 2010