Waste Streams Turn Into Product Streams (see also: Product Breakdown) There are two basic products produced in the OVRSol process. the insect bio-mass, a high-quality protein and energy meal, is an excellent fish or animal feed. It is similar in makeup to fish meal and can be used as a direct protein and energy replacement in animal or aquaculture feed. The other product from the OVRSol process is a high-quality soil amendment similar to vermi-compost. Usually, nothing is wasted in the process and all the inputs are converted into protein or the soil amendment. The end product is usually converted at about a two to one ratio of protein meal to soil amendment. That is, for every pound of protein meal produced, two pounds of soil amendment will be produced. While different waste streams will vary on nutritional content, generally it takes approximately 4 pounds of dry waste material to produce one pound of dry protein meal and two pounds of soil amendment. Moisture is driven off in the process. The soil amendment is a friable material with half the dry matter (or less) of the waste stream and is about 75% nutrient depleted compared to the original feedstock.  It has been marketed as an organic fertilizer (ca 3-2-2) with good results.  The best studied product of the OVRSol process is the whole Soldier Fly larvae, simply dried and milled.  This has been successfully incorporated into diets of poultry, swine and fish. A number of studies have confirmed the suitability of Soldier Fly larvae as a high quality fishmeal replacement in aquaculture  operations. Direct replacement or supplementation of fish meal in aquaculture diets can be accomplished. Further processing of the larvae yields products such as Chitin, protein and fat. Lauric acid, known for its antimicrobial properties and used in some industrial preparations, comprises 53% of the oil. It has been noted that in some countries, notably Vietnam and Mexico, the larvae are considered a delicacy. With this history, it becomes readily apparent that the larvae are quite suitable as a “once- removed” feedstock in animal feed formulations. Organic Value Recovery Solutions LLC © Organic Value Recovery Solutions 2010 © Organic Value Recovery Solutions 2010