Organic Value Recovery Solutions LLC © Organic Value Recovery Solutions 2010 © Organic Value Recovery Solutions 2010 OVRSol-adapted Hog Barns Advantages of using the OVRSol process in scraper or adapted hog barns: Provides high-profit secondary harvest The system Eliminates Odors Doing away with hog lagoons. Solving community relation problems Turning hogs into a sought-after industry in North America and around the world. Producing high-value aquaculture feed from hog manure. Solving manure disposal and land-spreading problems. Reducing the volume of hog barn manure by 50%. Leftover manure enhances plant growth and is excellent fertilizer. Eliminates or reduces the insect and disease-carrying capacity of hog manure. Prevents house flies in hog barns. Adding a high-value harvest to existing or new hog barns. Is a completely natural recycling/conversion process. Resulting product can be economically hauled over long distances. The system is adaptable to other industries and other waste streams. Can be used as a replacement for dried plasma in weaned pigs. See studies here OVRSol has developed a system of utilizing fresh swine manure as a feed stock for the Black Soldier Fly. The larvae of the Soldier Fly, will readily consume swine manure, imparting many environmental benefits in addition to becoming a high-value protein meal. In this process they remove 80% of the nitrates and phosphates from the manure. One of the benefits of this process is they completely remove the odor from the manure and leave behind an environmentally-friendly manure pile, suitable for sustainable field spreading in the local area. Field spreading can then be accomplished without odors and with a significantly reduced acreage. Markets are expanding rapidly for BSF larvae - studies have shown that the larvae are a superior fish food. And, if the chitin is removed from the insect through further processing, the chitin is another high-value commercial product. The larvae feedstock produced from this process is about 42% protein, 35% lipid, 5% calcium, 1.5% phosphorus, 3.4% lysine and 1% methionine/cystine. The lipids contain about 54% lauric acid which has been shown to be active against viruses, including HIV, measeles, clostridium and many pathogens. Eliminates House Flies and Reduces Pathogens Because of the amazing reproductive capacity of this insect, "pest" species found in hog barns and harmful bacteria are eliminated or reduced. The volume of the manure is also reduced by half. The resulting manure is also not as "hot" as raw manure, requiring less acreage for spreading, eliminating or reducing the problem of finding suitable spreading sites. Sustainable Development Black soldier fly (Hermetia) upgrade lower value materials into a source of animal protein meal (and lipid) which has a much higher value, especially as an ingredient in diets for fish.  When these lower value resources (such as hog manure, waste food, by-products of the alcoholic beverage or ethanol industry, or animal manure) are consumed by Hermetia, the process also serves as a treatment that reduces the volume and nutrient content of the starting material.  This is especially important in the case of animal manures (which are often produced in excess of local demand) and materials that would otherwise end up in landfills.  The production of high-value insect feedstuff, reduction of the manure mass, moisture content, offensive odor, and pollution potential are just some of the benefits of this system.