Mass Waste Means Mass Opportunities The business of efficiently feeding people on a mass scale results in wastes on a mass scale. Many of the by-products of modern food production processes are  treated as "waste" or low-value commodities due to disposal costs and health and pest issues.  However, many of these wastes contain valuable nutrients that can be upgraded into a high-protein, high-energy meal using the OVRSol process. For a look at the products see our video here. The “Product Breakdown” page can be found here. In a completely natural system, nutrients are not wasted. Plants, insects or other animals will make use of these discarded nutrients. In modern food production facilities, intensive livestock operations and other mass production facilities, this natural recycling process usually does not occur and the valuable nutrients in the waste stream are simply discarded or perhaps sold at disposal prices. Often, these wastes are considered an environmental liability. By utilizing these low-level nutrients, the OVRSol system can upgrade the nutrients into a very high-quality protein meal that is much more valuable than the waste stream. The OVRSol process is remarkably adaptive - the Black Soldier Fly larvae will readily accept nutrients in the form of waste foods, manures, grains, meat, dairy, ketchup and other organic materials. If a particular waste stream is not entirely suitable, there is the possibility of adding materials to the waste stream to make the process work. Alternately, the end protein product can be “custom-designed” to meet animal feeding requirements with the additions of Omega- 3s, or other “designer” ingredients. The OVRSol process is also very “clean.” Many environmental problems can be overcome in the process including the elimination or reduction of odors. Pest species such as house flies or other pests are often totally eliminated. The larvae will simply overwhelm competing insects or pests in most cases. Most organic wastes can be consumed by Black Soldier Fly (BSF) larvae and efficiently converted into insect biomass (42% protein, 35% fat) at about 25% efficiency on a dry matter basis. It is the larvae, not the adult fly that becomes the end product. In the OVRSol process, the larvae are not allowed to mature into adults. The larvae are incredible consumers of wastes and can easily process twice their body weight in materials per day.  The process is also scalable and adaptable to the waste stream. In nature, the larvae bio-mass will grow to incredibly large sizes to readily consume the amount of food available. This adaptability and scale means that the OVRSol process can be sized up or down to meet the needs of the waste stream. Processing plants can be built on site or a central plant can be used to treat wastes from a variety of locations. The process is suitable for batch or streaming wastes. Depending on the source and quality of the organics and how readily the Black Soldier Fly adapts, custom mixing of waste streams or additions to the particular waste source means just about any organic material is either suitable or can be made suitable for the process. The end product of the process is a high-value protein and energy meal converted at about 25% feed efficiency. That is for 1,000 pounds of dry organic waste, approx. 250 lbs. of dry protein is produced. Depending on the use of the protein, values can be as high as $1,500 - $2,000/ton of raw protein and energy material (insect biomass). Further processing can be used to separate the insect biomass into other higher-value components such as protein, fat and chitin. The system can be adapted to become part of a single processing plant (no trucking of wastes) or a stand-alone facility that can accept wastes at a central location for processing. The size of the plant can vary. Dr. Craig Sheppard, one of the company principals has operated a small commercial facility for years (see “Custom” protein meal can also be produced by mixing various raw materials into the Black Soldier Fly feed stream. This can include Omega-3’s for example or other custom variations. Essentially, the finished product can be tailored to the feed requirements of the animals. The “by-product” of the OVRSol process is a very uniform friable soil amendment that can be used for gardening or soil remediation. For a complete product breakdown, click here. Organic Value Recovery Solutions LLC © Organic Value Recovery Solutions 2010 © Organic Value Recovery Solutions 2010 OVRSol Production System (Click to Enlarge)