Organic Value Recovery Solutions LLC © Organic Value Recovery Solutions 2010 © Organic Value Recovery Solutions 2010 NOAA/USDA Stakeholders Pick OVRSol Process - In their Alternative Feeds Initiative, The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)/USDA  stakeholders picked the BSF process as one of the top three environmentally-responsible technologies as an alternative to wild-caught fish protein. Sustainable Food - Efficient Recycling - In nature all organic matter is recycled in a diffuse system.  A dead animal is soon eaten by vertebrate scavengers, or insects, or both.  If it is insects (usually maggots) then these crawl away, pupate and fly off, dispersing the dead animal's nutrients over a large area Expansion saps world's fishing grounds: UBC (CBC News)   A study led by researchers at the University of British Columbia indicates maintaining the current supply of wild fish is not sustainable. Amount of Food Waste is “staggering” Feeding the world is a big job. When you have to provide food for an estimated 6.7 billion people worldwide it must be done efficiently and on a mass scale. Long gone are the days when local farms grew food consumed by local people.