Converting Organic Wastes Into High-Value Protein Meal (see: product breakdown)
Organic Value Recovery Solutions LLC
The OVRSol process converts low or negative value waste streams into a high- profit, high-protein and energy feed meal. OVRSol can work with: Waste foods Green Wastes Manufacturing residuals Fish offal Meat and dairy wastes Manures - including swine, poultry, and others Brewer's Grains Palm Kernel Meal Other organic wastes Waste streams can be combined Using OVRSol's proprietary process for low or negative-value wastes, large-scale waste conversion means thousands of tons of waste materials can now be upgraded into a very profitable high-protein and energy meal. This meal can be used to supplement fish or animal feed formulations and, with further processing, produce other products including chitin, proteins and fats including lauric acid. The process is 100% efficient, producing a high energy, high protein meal and a soil amendment that can be bagged and sold for gardening, composting or soil remediation. Insect biomass conversion is approximately 25% on a “dry to dry” matter basis for most waste streams. Our process was picked as one of the top 3 processes in the NOAA/USDA Alternative Feeds study.
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